The Lord's Prayer, as found in Charleston, S. C. during the Civil War:

     Thou to thy mercy seat our souls dost gather to do our duty unto thee
Our Father
     To Whom all praise, all honor should be given for thou art the Great God
Who Art in Heaven
     Thou by thy wisdom rulest the world's whole frame, forever, therefore
Hallowed be thy name
     Let never more delay divide us from thy Glorious Grace but let
Thy Kingdom Come
     Let thy commands opposed be by none but thy Good pleasure, and
Thy will be done
     And let our promptness to obey be even the very same
In Earth as it is in Heaven
     Then for our souls we also pray, thou wouldst be pleased to
Give Us This Day
     The food of life where with our souls are fed, sufficient raiment, and
Our Daily Bread
     With every needful thing do thou relieve us and of thy mercy pity
And Forgive Us
     All our misdeeds for whom thou didst please to make an offering for
Our Trespasses
     And forasmuch, O Lord, as we believe that thou wilt pardon us
As we Forgive
     Let that love teach where with thou dost acquaint us to pardon all
Those Who Trespass Against Us
     And though sometimes thou findst we have forgot this love for thee, yet help
And Lead Us Not
     Through soul or body's want to desperation nor let earth's gain drive us
Into Temptation
     Let not the soul of any true believer fall in the time of trial
But Deliver
     Yea, save them from the malice of the devil -- and both in life and death keep
Us from Evil
     Thus pray we Lord for that of thee from whom this may be had
For Thine is the Kingdom
     This world is of thy work.  Its wondrous story to thee belongs.
The Power and the Glory
     And all Thy wondrous works have ended never but will remain
Forever and Forever
     And thus would say eternally

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