Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish

     In1890, there were approximately one hundred Catholics living in the Pineville/Cuevas Community who were being cared for by the parish churches of Our Lady of Good Hope in DeLisle; and St. Paul Catholic Church in Pass Christian.
     When Father René Joseph Sorin was appointed pastor of Our Lady of Good Hope at DeLisle, in 1896, the Pineville community was also included.  This Man of faith and generosity served as Pastor for 56 Years, from 1896 until 1952.
     Under the leadership of Father Sorin, a Church was built for the Pineville/Cuevas area and dedicated in 1906, named Our Lady of Lourdes, with Father John O'Brien appointed pastor.  A larger church was soon needed resulting in planning for a new church building.
     The present church of Our Lady of Lourdes was completed in1958 and dedicated by Bishop Joseph Brunini on April 5, 1959.  Our Lady of Lourdes Parish is located two miles north of Highway 90 at the corner of Menge Avenue and Evangeline Drive.
     When Father O’Brien was transferred  to Waveland in 1962, the Ministry of the Church Communities of Our Lady of Good Hope and Our Lady of Lourdes was entrusted to the missionary servants of the Most Holy Trinity, a religious congregation of Priests and Brothers, founded by Father Thomas A. Judge at Holy Trinity, Alabama in 1927.
     In 1973, the Church Community of Our Lady of Lourdes at Pineville was established as a separate parish.  The first resident Pastorates of Fathers consisted of Gilbert, Jude McCauley and, James O'Bryan — all Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity.  Father Robert M. Shay was appointed in December of 1996.

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