Kittiwake Baptist Church was established on January 4, 1981, with services provided by Pastor Michael Hutchins at the Gospel Singers of America Building on Scenic Drive.
     In 1984, the congregation built its church on Second Street when Kittiwake became an Individual Church.  Kittiwake Baptist Church sits on 3 acres of the former Kittiwake Baptist Assembly grounds.
     As of 1999, Rev. Charles Corey was Pastor.

Above photo: Boys taking a dip at Camp Kittiwake which was orginally dedicated as a camp for girls in 1937.

      In 1955, the Kittiwake campsite was taken over as a Baptist Assembly Center.
     Since the 1980s, the site has become a residential area comprised of approximately 14 homes that carry the subdivision name of Kittiwake.
The present Kittywake church was constructed at the rear of this former Baptist Assembly Center, now situated at Henderson's Point.

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